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MohawkRadio Rocks the Planet Live 24/7
The Mohawk Radio Internet Radio Station Rocks the Planet 24/7!

Mohawk Radio plays the best undiscovered bands from all over the world!

Punk, Psychobilly, Rock, Ska, Oi, New Wave, Metal, Pop, Alternative music is mostly what you will hear on Mohawk Radio. Almost all bands will have a PUNK influence.

All Bands! Join and add your songs to the Mohawk Radio Stream Rotation
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This Month's Top Ten Most Downloaded Songs
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  Band Song DLs
1. INVOLUCIÓNNatasha107
3. The HigginsWho The Fuck Are You?!99
4. 13th Annual Basic Bowl Contest & BBQSIMPLEX - Sick Society99
5. Fist of the North StarTitular Line97
6. Coffee OverloadSkynyrd Sucks97
7. SimplexSick Society96
8. Anti-SocialJust Like You96
10. GluefactoryGlue Factory - Incredible Shrinking Human Race92
The MohawkRadio Internet Station
You never know what you'll hear on Mohawk Radio! Mohawk Radio is a Live, 24/7, Non Stop Radio Show that is completely unpredictable.

Whoever is in at Mohawk Radio Head Quarters DJs, runs his or her mouth off and gives their two cents on whatever is going on in the world! Whoever is there will be playing their favoirite Mohawk Radio bands in between running their big mouths!

Listen for live cameo appearances by Casey Royer of D.I. and Adolescents fame and dozens of bands and people that stop by to say hi while they are in town on tour, or, just dropping by the Mohawk Radio Heaadquarters to have have fun on the radio.
MohawkRadio Is Ranked One of the Best
Mohawk Radio ranks number two compared to all the other so called "Punk Internet Radio Streams according to
Mohawk Radio Ranks Number Two
Mohawk Radio Offers a Vast Selection of FREE MP3s
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Bands must be members of MohawkRadio to be played. Request bands from the MohawkRadio Playlist

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Check out the MohawkRadio Playlist and see all the great bands that are on rotation on the MohawkRadio Stream.

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Top Downloaded Bands on MohawkRadio
Abrasive Wheels
Abrasive Wheels
the Puppet Master
the Puppet Master
Common Enemy
Common Enemy
Mohawk Radio Media Player Installation and Configuration
IMPORTANT! - Media Player Configuration Information

The player installed must be set as the default player for the appropriate file format (.pls, .wpl, Shoutcast files or MP3 Playlist files.

For an installed player to work properly with the MohawkRadio Stream, be sure to enable the following formats/extensions:

** When installing Winamp, enable Winamp to play .pls files.

** When installing MusicMatch, enable MusicMatch to play Shoutcast files.

** When installing RealPlayer, enable RealPlayer to play MP3 Playlist files. Once a player is installed, you are ready to connect!

If you still have trouble connecting, please contact us at Trouble Shooting with the problem you are having concerning the MohawkRadio Stream.