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Portland, Oregon
United States

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Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Zero Boys, The Boys, Dickies, D.I., TSOL, Ramones, The Damned, etc.
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Under Surveillance31

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The Anxieties are a four-piece punk rock band formed in Eugene, but now based in Portland, Oregon.

Dusted Magazine called us "garage rockin' punk, mad scientist-core for the paranoid and suspicious" and that sounds about right to me.

Razorcake's Megan Pants said "Again, I can't state enough how firmly I back anything on Plastic Idol. Buy it all! Buy it all now!! Here we've got three tracks from a band I've never heard of, yet it's exactly what I want. If Smogtown sounded slightly more at home at a living room dance party than at the beach, you'd be pretty close to what?s here. Great stuff."

And the following snippet is from Now Wave Magazine's illustrious Lord Rutledge: "With the possible exception of the Gary Glitter side project Oldman and the Pedophiles, I can't think of any band in history as fittingly-named as The Anxieties. The group's instant anthem "The De-Evolution Will Be Televised" is a frenzied, racing number that both critiques and reflects the anxiety-ridden times in which we live. There's a voice in my head that screams in despair over the 21st Century lifestyle and all it entails: our mass dependence on anti-depressants, our gross over-reliance on technology, the ever-increasing shallowness and stupidity of popular culture, and the public's vast apathy regarding all of the above. If that voice in my head could sing, he'd sound just like Anxieties howler Scott Von Rocket , who radiates the spastic panic of a man just dying to crawl out of his own skin."

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