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8 Digital
Industrial / Electronica / Gothic / Rock

Toronto, Other

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8 DIGITAL - Marla Singer200
8Digital poplife214
Skin and Bone231
What Are You Waiting For?346

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We are not a punk band, but we share the love and like a paternal twin would fall into to a genre of music that was given birth too around the same time as punk, industrial. While few would know it, while one man was angrily strumming a guitar and singing his heart out, another man in a different part of the world and at the same time was pressing keys on a synth and squeezing the trigger on a drill. Both were pissed off at the state of our being and wanted everyone to know.

8 Digital's goal is not to sound, try or be classified though. It is simply to put it out there and hope that you can find sometime within the noise to love. And if you can't, well move the hell on.

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