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Common Enemy: "TUI"
Common Enemy: "TUI"

Looking for a good dose of thrash with an injection of punk? This album is just what the doctor ordered. I'm still learning about thrash, but I know good music when I hear it, and I know I can hear a Germs influence in there somewhere. To call the vocals in this band distinctive would be an understatement. I still haven't though of a word for them yet, but they're wild.

Track 3 "Think for Yourself" is a raw, punk rock ripper. The lyrics are not only riot-inspring, but clever and deep too. Everyone will enjoy track 4, "Heroes in a Half Shell." Who didn't love the Ninja Turtles in the 80's?

I love the versatility in the songwriting. "I Give Up" is a chunky, fuck' em all anthem. "Get Tanked" is hilarious and over way too soon. "Shark Attack" paints a gory picture of a badass afternoon gone bloody. Each song on this disc seems to tell a story, whether it's zombies rising from the dead (Skate of the Dead) or a shark attack.

Also, if you chill for a few minutes after the disc ends, track nineteen pops up (unlisted on the CD) with a lounge-y version of "Skate that Shit."

The album art is overall good stuff, but typical skate punk fare. I still like it though. Thrashed out skeletons trash a bar in full regalia. Who wouldn't like that? My favorite part is the skateboarding rat featured on the inside sleeve. Definitely one of the better album covers I've been sent.

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