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Human and His STD’s – "The Love Machine"
Human and His STD’s – "The Love Machine"

Human and His STD’s – "The Love Machine" – What the fuck is going on? Seriously my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. The vocals sound like what I believe an Elf or Hobbit singer would sound like. The vocals make me think of Robin Hood Men In Tights for some reason. Almost like the singer is 3 feet tall with goaty, wearing medieval Robin Hood green tights and dancing around with 7 foot Ogres as the other band members. I can’t stop imagining this is the soundtrack to a punk musical version of Robin Hood or The Hobbit. Some of the lyrics don’t help either. They’re written with that blue collar drinking mentality that can be fun if done right, but in this case just makes for a funnier vision in me head. The song “Live Fast Die Drunk”‘s title alone solidifies what the lyrical style is through out the coarse of the entire album. The musical portion of the band is tight, it’s filled with hooky, pulsating base lines and clean drums beats, but the vocals are too much humor to overlook. There is no way in the Sherwood Forest that I can take this Hobbits vocals seriously. If they changed the singer this band would be incredible, until then I’m sure they would have a big following in the Renaissance Fair circuit. 2/5

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