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Blunt – “Proud & Punk”
Blunt – “Proud & Punk”

Blunt – “Proud & Punk” It's reheated '77 punk with gang choruses, no more than three chords and English street punk vocals. “Proud & Punk perfectly articulates the frustration, rage and dissatisfaction of the British working class with the British establishment during the late 70’s as if they were there. It’s easy to see how the band’s roaring energy, anchored with relentless full on rhythm guitar, no-nonsense drumming, and a singer that takes on the feel of the real fore-fathers of the British punk movement. I know it doesn't sound especially innovative anymore, at this stage of the fashion show, but it's not innovation, rather skillful assimilation and construction that counts with a band like Blunt. What more can you ask for from an EP that has song titles like, “Seventy Seven”, “We are Blunt” , “Fuck The Government” & “Your Fucked Again”?

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