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Common Enemy - "T.U.I." - CD
Common Enemy - "T.U.I." - CD

This Common Enemy CD is amazing!

This is a balls out ripping skate punk band with a So Cal old school punk sound played twice as fast as their early 80's punk rock predecessors.

The songs are all good! No joke! They are ripping fast and tight and consist of not one lead, which some people may find wierd. But, after listening to the CD a couple of times, its obvious leads would just get in the way, and, or be a waste of time for COMMON ENEMY's music.

All the band members play great, but the drummer and the singer really stand out. This isn't to say that Justin Enemy's guitar playing isn't great or that Greg Disorder's bass playing is lacking in any way. Just the opposite. One sign of a good musician is playing what is appropriate for the song. Leads or unnecessary bass lines would kill the raw energy of these great songs. Don't get me wrong though, the bass and guitar kill it throughout the CD and more than pull their weight.

Throughout this CD I can hear old SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (with out the Rocky George leads), DAGNASTY, MINOR THREAT, JFA, CIRCLE JERKS, DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK FLAG, ADOLESCENTS jsut to name a few. If those names aren't enough, I would even compare them a little to BULLET TREATMENT, though I consider BULLET TREATMENT more hardcore and COMMON ENEMY more punk.

At moments, I almost can hear an early DESCENDENTS, if the DESCENDENTS played twice as fast and Milo sang as if he just found out his girlfriend has been cheating on him with Ryan Seacrest while having his thumb cut off with a butter knife.

The CD has two versions of the song, "Skate That Shit." The first one is done in typical ripping fast COMMON ENEMY style, but the second version (and last song on the CD) is done in a smart ass Vegas lounge style.

I may have heard an old song by them a year or more back on MOHAWKRADIO called "7 Ply" that I really liked, so the band has probably been around for a while and I have been missing out..

The art work is even great!

The over all packaging is black and white with illustrated tough skater/punk kids with skulls thrashing a house wearing their favorite band shirts. Its done really well and is definitely reflective of the songs on this CD.


It says on the back copyright 2006 and it appears this was released by Overdose on Records. I wish I would have heard this sooner.

I can't recommend this CD enough. It will easily make my top ten for this year even if I discovered it two years late.


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