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Telecommandos: "Teenage Affection"
Telecommandos: "Teenage Affection"

I love the Telecommandos for many things. They write amazing pop songs. They make me feel like I'm sixteen again, cruising around with my teenage mohawked boyfriend, getting kicked out of every imaginable local business and falling in "love" at the same time. Teenage Affection, right?

The Telecommandos are a power pop/punk number consisting of four friends who met in high school and formed the band upon a not so later reunion. You can tell they have a lot of fun, and truely like playing music together. They also posess the gift of catchy song writing. This gift should be carefully used. Mike "The Knife" provides some much needed spunk to the band vocally, You can tell he's feeling what he's saying, in a Rancid sort of way. If their other vocalist could sing with as much passion, this band would be on fire. I like almost everything about this band, except the weak crooning. The guitar solos are fun, and remind me of some of Rhandy Rhodes' stuff. The lyrics are clever at times, reminding me of a Green Day Side project, "Foxboro Hottubs." The guitars are Strokes-like, which isn't really bad or good, in my opinion. Just addictive. Whether you like the Telecommandos or will be humming the chords of Teenage Affection for days. This is a five song disc, and hopefully by the full length release, they'll have their sound worked out and really use the wonderful gift they've been given. Keep rockin' guys!

Album Art: Very awesome cover.. good concept.. simple lines, two colors, cute band members and a great name & title.. and very vintage inspired. Well Done!

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