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Superbuick - "Self Titled"
Superbuick - "Self Titled"

Superbuick - "Self Titled" - These cuts aren't bad, but they're much more glam rock/metal influenced than I was anticipating. Each song is fast, melodic and gallops along like a horse in hell. What's wrong with that right? Well, really for me it's the singer’s voice. Personally there is too much metal influence for me to get fully into it. They play their instruments very well, the singer has a good voice for what he's doing, but not something I can wrap my arms around and embrace. There is definitely a core fan base with a liking of the metalish vocals that will embrace Superbuick more than I can. So, personally I'm not a fan of their sound, but also can't say that there is anything bad about them. This is one of those bands that you will either really enjoy or just not get into them; either way there is no way to say they are a bad band.

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