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Superbuick Man, hardcore has gotten, well, harder-core. Superbuick’s self proclaimed “Out for Fun Rock & Roll” sound is infectious hard-core with the fundamentals of everything great about Punk Rock. They come at you fast and loud, holding nothing back. Forcing the music down your throat while they scream in your ear this band is something else. Every member in the band came from a different background, musically. Usually when this happens you get something you didn’t expect, I mean you remember that reality show where they put a bunch of washed up rock stars in a house and told them to make a “Super Group”, what happened was embarrassing. I know that’s a bad example but bear with me. It takes something awfully unique in the realm of hardcore to get me to even listen to it a second time. But this record spoke to me, corny, but it did. Got my blood boiling and made me feel alive in that fifteen and first time in a circle pit sort of way. My pulse is racing. Superbuick, despite their silly name are totally serious about this music and it comes across unquestionable. The vocal range of this kid is sick. The voice-box bending verses and the car crash highs and lows command you to dance in ways you never thought you could. Not to mention the rest of the band that deliver flawless licks and tempos keeping the pace of a locomotive outtacontrol! Fucking A watch out for this band, if they come to your town, SEE THE SHOW, you might just find religion in hard-core.

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4. Common EnemyCircle Pit Love & Pit trilogy (LIVE)3
5. Final Solution LIFE WILL CEASE2
6. Final Solution WARSAW UPRISE2
7. Final Solution SUFFERING2
8. Final Solution WHORE2
9. Break The Silence Here Come to The Noise ONE02.The Majestic From Bandung - Indonesia1
10. the FlipoutsThe Flipouts-Friday Night1
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