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Black Cargo 'S/T'
Black Cargo

I love every minute of this swampy mess of a band. Everything screams and has to be heard. Sloppy and sex crazed the riffs beg to be dressed up in a NY Dolls record. The things bad dreams were built on these guys strain their limits to end every night. Similar in style to the late 70’s punk of NYC via Dead Boys, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Dolls, Television, Stooges (close enough). Gutter punk infused songs driven home with GG, DeeDee & Wimpy style vocals. The songs may seem simple enough but so were the MC5’s and The Stooges. Black Cargo is at their fighting weight and a perfect match for any band touring USA at the time this music was king. While being simple, every now and again the guitar sneaks up on you and assaults your senses till yer all twisted up inside yerself. Fans of the Ashton brothers, Motor City Rock & Roll and drinking beer will be happy enough with Black cargo. Do IT!


Ryan Rude

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