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They say that at the end of the world, when civilization and all of its technology has been blown apart by nuclear destruction, cockroaches will likely be the only survivors. Someone forgot to add Lemmy to that short list. I am not comparing Lemmy to a cockroach, of course. it's just, the guy seems damn near indestructible. He suffered a round or two with some health issues in the recent past, but that sure isn't going to keep Lemmy at home, watching Jeopardy. As cliche as it sounds, the man, truly, was born to rock. So, alongside long-time band mates Phil Campbell (guitar) and Mikkey Dee (drums), the band is set to release their 22nd studio album, entitled "Bad Magic." I am not sure what that really means, perhaps it's a reference to witnessing a third-rate buffoon pull a rabbit out of a hat, but it doesn't really matter. It's Motorhead, so who really cares what the name of the album is? I am sure the album artwork will resemble all the other releases, and there is no doubt, judging by the preview cut, "Thunder and Lightning" the album sounds like everything else Motorhead records. But, so what? In this day and age of androgynous pop-boy acts, caucasian wanna-be ghetto thugs, and "sensitive" poetic types, strumming a guitar as they stroll the beach whining about their lost love, Motorhead can do whatever the hell they want, and who is going to complain? Besides, what other rock act can you think of, that appeals to punkers, rockabillys, bikers, and metal-heads alike? Somehow, Lemmy and Co. have mastered the formula of no-bullshit rock and roll, and if you don't like it, then enjoy yourself sitting outside in the rain.

In addition to that new release, Motorhead will be one of the honorees at the "2015 IES Honors." Forgive me, if I have never heard of this Awards Show before, but I tend to typically ignore these ass-cleansing presentations. But, with zero chance of having the festivities ruined by Kanye West, and the inclusion of Slash, and The Ramones, it sounds like an excuse to get drunk, if nothing else (he Runaways are also invited to the rodeo, although I am struggling to see the point of including these gals with the non-gimmicky aforementioned acts).

And, as the job requirements demand, Motorhead will promote the new release with a tour, that begins in early August in beautiful Riverside. (and if you aren't familiar with the city of Riverside, let me assure, the tone of sarcasm is heavily emphasized).

Alongside for the ride, on this tour, are Anthrax and Saxon. The latter cut their teeth alongside Motorhead in the early 80s, in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and tend to step closer to the melodic side, although that takes nothing away from their tenacious showmanship. Anthrax, needless to say, will really get everyone limbered up, in the obligatory moshpits that are assured to ensue.

Motorhead. What more needs to be said?

by Bruce Forrest

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