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Author Topic: Swedish classic punkrock
Dead Pollys
Dead Pollys
Posted: Fri. Feb 20, 2015 1:39 PM

The Dead Pollys have just released BULLET FOR THE WICKED.

Check us out at:

Dead Pollys from Stockholm, Sweden is a three-piece classic energetic punkrock act with members from infamous bands like Sir Reg, Mansic and Pasted. In their collective past they have made more than 200 performances all over Europe.

Dead Polly strives to deliver a naked, honest punk rock with influences from everything they love, so don’t be surprised if you hear traces of folk, pop or any other genre in their arsenal.
On harsh vocals and crashing guitars you have big boy Nizze, Juba handles the thundering bass and Miche is the machine who waves his hair as he beats the drum.