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Nowise Nice
Punk / Rock / Reggae

Vienna, Other

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NOFX, NO USE, Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Jimi Fucking Hendrix, Rise Against, Satanic Surfers, Venerea, Millencolin, Strung out, Randy, Rancid, Boy stets fire, and everyone who loves and live music.
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So that´s the way the things are running in our band! The guy who doesn´t know anything about English (as you can see in my lyrics) has to write a short but precice history of our band. Well everything startet anno 1999. I´ve just started to play guitar and since my 12th birthday I was addicted to punk rock and I wanted to found a band. So I asked my friend Stefan who said that he can play bass (finally it turned out that he doesn´t but that was not important in this moment). Much more important was the fact that something really essential was missing...........the drummer. That´s how I learned Niki to know. So there we were. Three guys, by the way, without any equipment but the dream to be a punk-rock band somewhere in the darkest future. In the next time some really important changes happened: 1)Our drummer bought himself a drumset 2)I bought myself a guitar and an amplifier. 3)and Stefan (who had a bass allready) lent himself a bass amplifier. The next problem we´ve had was that there was no place for such an unprofessional, cruel sounds-making band to practice and so we decided to occupy the little tool-shed in Niki´s garden. You probably think that there is no way to play in a shed and that´s the same we thought when we first met to practice, but it was and still is possible. But before Nowise Nice (please don´t try to find any sense in this bandname) had its first official practice it happened that we got a second guitarist. Leo, or as he wants to be called, Mongo joined our crew and so we became a 4-piece punk-rock band. He always wanted to play in a band and so he had tried to found a band called Panicmongery. There were two guys called Christian and Zoran, and Stefan (yes that´s the same Stefan I was honored to play with at Nowise Nice) who tried to do this band-thing but I don´t think we really knew what we were doing (-love you Mongo-.............-love you too MJ-). All in all this guy was punk, and I swear I´ve never seen a crazier motherfucker in my whole life. So we started getting better and better and I think we´ve done our job quiet good until now. After half an year Matthias, our third guitarist joined. Yeah, yeah I know what you´re thinking now. A punk band with three guitarists??? I know it sounds strange and all in all it wasn´t necessary but we all were so impressed by Matthias´ guitar skills that we decided not to give a fuck about what was usual and what not! We played our first concert on the 18th of February, 2000 at the H.H. and what shall I say...........We fucked it up! Yeah we nearly fucked up every song but somehow we rocked the crowd and it turned out to be a nice party. In the next half year we played two other concerts. One at a school festival and the other, once more, at the H.H. Those concerts where the fucking best moments we´ve ever had! *SHIT* Four month later our bassist quited the band (we all love you Stefan) and so Mongo turned out to be our new man on the bass and man he was fucking good. So our actual situation is very fine! Niki plays the drums faster and better than ever (especially the base drum-unbelievable) Mongo was quitting the band and so wolfi is doing very fine on the bass (also the (back-)vocals-quiet impressed) Matthias also quitts his incredible but not available sound. Instead Jasper does it very fine and I´m still writing my fucked up songs and lyrics, trying to create something new (I think I failed) So long Nowise Nice is still a beer-drinking, triple-oi, bunch of shitheads playing 4 the cause! And I have to say that were creating our own definition and style of punk-rock.

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Common Enemy
Common Enemy
Posted: Monday August 04, 2008 12:51

Check out the new song "Just Another Enemy"
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