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Buck Brothers
Punk / Rock / Pop Punk / New Wave

London, Other
United Kingdom

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The Ramones, The Clash, Buzzcocks, Gang of Four, The Undertones, The Damned
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The three Bucksters met accidentally in January 2005 at the unlikely setting of a suburban Buddhist Disco in in North London. Being the only three men in attendance with hair on top of their heads - Andy, Dom and Craig found themselves backed into a corner after the disco turned into a sedate chant-fest.

The three lads quickly discovered that they had more than just follicular abundance in common and joined forces at an East London rehearsal studio a week later. And it was here that the Buck Brothers sound was born.

Within two months of forming, the three lads recorded 'The World According to Buck' EP (released October '05 in North America) which was playlisted on over 400+ college radio stations throughout the United States and Canada with heavy rotation and chart placements aplenty. After tours in Europe & North America the band recorded their debut album, "Me" which was released in October 2007 in the USA (Coach House Records) and the UK (Cargo Records/Fading Ways). To commemorate the release date of the first single from the album "Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes' in the UK, Buck Brothers successfully achieved a world record entry for 'highest number of gigs performed in 12 hours' in their native London with 28 shows undertaken on 5th March '07. Off the back of this achievement, the band were invited to support Primal Scream in Moscow at the Krasnaya Presnya Park Festival in July 2007. In October 2007, Buck Brother's debut album entered the CMJ Top 200 national chart in the USA; rare for an indie let alone a first release. They band also reached Number 7 in the national US commercial radio specialty chart in November 2007 (source: Media Guide/KKBB). In March 2008, Buck Brothers undertook a month long tour of the US which took the group from LA to NYC via SXSW in Texas where the band had the honour of playing the infamous Viper Room Swinghouse Studios Party. In August 2008, Buck Brothers were asked by US pop-ska-punk giants Goldfinger to support them on their UK tour. On 20 September, 2008, Buck Brothers became the first band in thirty years to perform at the House of Lords in London.

Some interesting Buck Brothers facts

1. Met at a suburban Buddhist Disco in North London (UK) in January 2005. They were the only three people at the club with hair.

2. None of the members are actually brothers or called Buck.

3. Buck Brothers have had more drummers than Spinal Tap.

4. Buck Brothers claim to have named themselves after a now defunct erotic film company that Dom used to work for.

5. The band have toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe, North America and made their Russian debut supporting Primal Scream on 7 July 2007.

6. Andy Duke's (Vocals/Bass) Rickenbacker 4001 bass was once owned by Bruce Foxton from 'The Jam'. The instrument will be featured in 'Guitar Buyer Magazine' in the UK in September '07.

7. On tour, the Buckmobile (for that is the name of the vehicle that transports the band from place to place) features a diverse range of music in its CD player. The three things on the heaviest rotation are a Frank Sinatra Best of, Anthony Newley and a Neil Young compilation (a joint Buck Brothers fave).

8. Andy Duke was born in Japan.

9. Guitarist Dom Beckford is considering changing is surname to Buckford.

10. Andy Duke shares Peter Sellers' birthday.

11. Drummer Craig is not actually Welsh despite the fact that this is in fact his surname.

12. Although Andy tragically lost both of his parents to cancer just prior to the formation of Buck Brothers in early 2005, the band decided to concentrate on songs that celebrated life rather than mourn its loss.

13. Buck Brothers were nominated as Best Int'l Artist at Orange County Music Awards in April 2006

14. The band were also nominated as Best International Artist at 'Inland Empire Music Awards' in California in January 2006.

15. Buck Brothers were nominated as 'Best International Artist' at Toronto Independent Music Awards two years in a row (2005 & 2006)

16. Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe is a very big fan and claims on his official website ( to be "addicted to the CD".

17. MTV's reality show "My Super Sweet 16" regularly features Buck Brothers' music in their programme.

18. BBC Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton said "Buck Brothers are band to look out for in 2007" on her breakfast show (13 January '07).

19. To mark the release of their debut album "Me" in the UK on 5th March, Buck Brothers broke a Guinness Book of World Records entry for 'highest number of gigs performed in 12 hours'. The trio did 28 gigs back to back in London (beating the previous record by two) and received coverage on television (ITV, GMTV, BBC News), paper (Evening Standard, London Lite and too many local papers to mention) and radio (XFM, BBC Radio, Campus Radio throughout UK).

20. Buck Brothers' 'Me' entered the CMJ Top 200 Chart in the USA in October 2007.

21. Buck Brothers' 'Girls, Skirts, Boots, Biikes' also reached number 7 in the National US Commercial Radio Specialty Chart in November 2007 (source: Media Guide/KKBB)

21. Uber DJ Legend Rodney Bingenheimer from KROQ in LA is a huge fan of the band spinning 'Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes' on his show for 6 months in a row. The track has become the most requested song on the 'Rodney on the Roq' show in 2007.

22. Embarked on a month long Coast-to-Coast tour of the USA in March-April 2008 including appearances at SXSW (South By Southwest) and a live televised appearance on Fearless Music TV on Fox 5 in New York City.

23. In August 2008, Buck Brothers were asked by US pop-ska-punk giants Goldfinger to support them on their UK tour.

24. On 20th September, 2008 - Buck Brothers became the first band in 30 years to perform at the House of Lords in London.

Instrumentation Andy Duke - Vocals & Bass Dom Beckford- Guitar & Backing Vocals Craig Welsh - Drums & Backing Vocals

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Collectors Series DIY DISTRO
Collectors Series DIY DISTRO
Posted: Thursday December 14, 2023 11:30

ThanX for support!

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Rotten Heads - "Historias para no dormir" LP remix and remastered from 90's demos

Collector's Series DIY (DISTRO)
Posted: Wednesday December 13, 2023 07:06

Hey Cheers for the add & support!!
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Historical Canarian band with more three decades without rest. CD transparent with booklet 14 pages, which includes lyrics and a lot of information related to the conceptual content in deference to feminist resilience. Very careful production and message.

Malformaciones Kongénitas - 'Hasta los ovarios'

Posted: Tuesday December 12, 2023 07:19

Ansiedad Cerebral is a punk band with many influences from the 80s, stories that can range from the Último Resorte saga with Álgo Tóxico at the helm, without forgetting Espasmódicos saga, TDeK, and of course, Larsen or HHH.

ANSIEDAD CEREBRAL - "Terapia Hipn​ó​tico​-​Regresiva"

Posted: Thursday November 23, 2023 10:26

Thanks for support!

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Common Enemy
Common Enemy
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