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The Pukes
Punk / Alternative / Garage / Oi

Dunedin, Other
New Zealand

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If you go and see The Pukes perform live these days, you can basically get anything from Mike Puke performing solo with his guitar and drum machine, to the full band and any combination inbetween, depending on who can make it along on the night... Anyway, The Pukes can be traced back to Nelson 1997, when Mike Puke, who was then in ten year old Nelson punk band "Dead Centre", started recording solo as "Puke". He would perform these songs live with a drum machine, while playing guitar and doing vocals. Kez Bizarre would do additional vocals, and Wayne played bass. This outfit was called "Mike Puke And The Revolting Peasants". In 2001, Mike and Kez moved to Dunedin, and started playing some gigs with the drum machine, no bass, and Gaylene doing additional vocals alongside Kez. This outfit was called "Puke And The High Chords". After a few gigs Garth, who was doing sound, joined up on bass. At this point, the name was changed to "The Pukes" as that's what everyone started calling them. The Pukes did a few more gigs with this line up, until Gaylene left. They then advertised for a drummer, and after a couple of days, Sam joined up on drums. The Pukes slapped together some songs, (from Mike Pukes solo albums and a couple of favourites from the Dead Centre days) and have being playing semi-regular gigs ever since. The Pukes music is probably best described as "stripped down" and fast, with concentration on energy. Song topics range from sick humour through to political, usually mixed! Mike Puke is proud to be officially recognised as the shittiest guitarist and vocalist on this planet, which thank fuck ensures that The Pukes will always remain a shitty punk band, incapable of selling out and turning to pus! Recent line up changes - In June 2005, Garth left the band. Dan joined up on bass for a few gigs and Alice joined up for a while doing more additional vocals alongside Kez. Then in April 2006 Liam joined up on bass. In June 2007 Sam moved out of town, though he didn't actually quit the band, so we should still manage to play as a full band from time to time. We haven't bothered finding another drummer at this stage, so the trusty old drum machine is filling in for most gigs for now...

Oh yeah, you can download these two albums if ya want...

Mike Puke - An Horrific Fracas...

The Pukes & Mike Puke - A Stab In The ears For The Foolhardy!

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Sammy Shitstain
Sammy Shitstain
Posted: Saturday February 06, 2010 12:44

shit is great man!!!! hope all is great with you guys!!!!1