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Rotterdam, Other
Netherlands, The

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Every thing that is loud.
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BLOK 1A... BLOK 1A is a punk band from the Rotterdam area. Fast and thriving sounds are spit out of your stereo with their (hardcore-) punk sound. Besides from a healthy dose of fun punk, subjects like war, terrorism and (international) government politics are an important issue. BLOK 1A has shared the stage with bands like GBH, The Casualties, Menace, Blood or Whiskey, Funeral Dress, The Swellbellys and The Partisans, but also with Dutch local heroes like Disturbance, Die Nakse Bananen, Antidote, No Hoodlums and many others. If they have a say about it, there will be following lots and lots more gigs with (inter)national bands.

BLOK 1A: Wilco Guitar, back up screams Iwan Shouts Kanarie Drums, Mountainbike Jacco Bass, back up screams

History In the beginning of 2002 4 farmerpunks started a band, called 'the Taliband'. Already in the first year the name changed, and drummer Mark was replaced by Deef, from Die Nakse Bananen. After their first gig in local club "de Baroeg" singer Mervin leaves the band, so BLOK 1A was on the prowl for a new singer. It turned out to be Iwan, a Rotterdam Punk which is now on the stage instead of in front of it (and he always was) as the front-squealer. After the first year Dekker replaces Peter, replacing his mic at the Stinkvingers for the bass in BLOK 1A. From then on all minds where set on a demo, and in the summer of 2003 it's being recorded by Hak Attack and Kees van Bemmel. It's recorded at the Baroeg, like a live gig without the audience, for reducing the background noise. It was released under the name of "trustless society", and until now 150 are sold, and is still available. At the end of 2003 BLOK 1A plays as a last band on a world record attempt; "As many punk bands as possible in 24 hours", which ends in a complete chaos, not on the last place because of the initiators. In 2004 the stream of gigs goes on in big and small gig place's like 013 throughout Holland. In the meanwhile BLOK 1A works on new material for their debut album, and in august the day's finally there. At the Popcentrale at Dordrecht they record 17 songs in a mere 2 days, which they release themselves. The debut is baptized "Violent City" and in October it got released at the Baroeg. Going on to 2004, Blok1A is been found on 3 compilation, released in the US, England and Scotland. Now a new year has arrived and Blok1A isn't planning to stop gigging in home and foreign counties...

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The Disadvantaged
The Disadvantaged
Posted: Monday February 16, 2009 01:33

Hey dude, We're a Punk/SKA/Rap band,
we just finished recording our FREE 6 track EP.
If your keen to download it, just follow the link!!



Music should be free!!
Cheers n beers,

One Legacy
One Legacy
Posted: Thursday January 08, 2009 08:07

ayy not problem check the songs and download thanks brah
also in the middle of a change of music and name
stay tuned!

THe Idle threats

Just Effin' Eric
Just Effin
Posted: Saturday December 27, 2008 07:32

cheers for the add