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Samuel Caldwell
Punk / Metal

dallas, Texas
United States

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mid 90's skatecore i.e. lagwagon, strung out, propagandhi ect.
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kang or kodos41
The Agents of Intolerance39

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samuel caldwell's revenge is a punk/metal band from dallas tx.

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Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Hardcore Hammii
Hardcore Hammii
Rich Z
Rich Z
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Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Posted: Monday September 13, 2010 04:10

That's right, quality is what matters. It's like those myspace and facebook whores, just adding to be cool and all that "look-at-me" bullshit, but anyway, true music and true fans shall prevail, times change and now shit is mass-produced for easily impressed minds, so yeah, keep making great and honest music with attitude and add another friend here. Cheers!

Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Posted: Monday September 06, 2010 09:26

Yeah, well, I don't have a myspace account, used to have, but spam, hoes and emo kids ruined it, mohawkradio is the only "social" site I use now, but I'll root for you guys from this trench. Cheers!

Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Posted: Monday August 30, 2010 05:46

Hey there, just saw you guys at (, good for you! And also checked "Agents of Intolerance", cool song but a bit predicatable, still good enough to download and give a listen or two (in my opinion). Cheers!

Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Posted: Wednesday August 18, 2010 12:26

Yeah, that's why alternative social networks exist, don't expect PC bullshit comments praising music without a reason. When there's a band like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, any other punk cover is overkill, period.

The "no girls" thing might be a little sexist, I believe this comes from the old section about only female punk in this website, at the very bottom of any page is a little link named "chicks rock", in the old it was about... well, only female punk bands!, but you know, there's afro punk, queer punk, asian punk, latin punk... the "scene" itself is dividing, the girls thing is truly irrelevant, but some bands take pride on it, so.

And the upload limit thing, is free, and the guys running the site pay all the money, y'know, domain, hosting and all that internet stuff, so, limiting fiel size helps them cut bandwidth costs. I know it sucks to listen to some crappy bad quality mp3, but lowering the kbps is a workaround to this, kbps (if you don't know) is something like the quality level of an mp3 file, the "Time After Time" file is at 320 kbps (one of the highest quality levels) with 7.01 mb, using a crappy audio converter I use for my iPod (Free mp3/wma/ogg Converter, download from...!), the file turned 80 kbps and only 1.74 mb, and audio sounds good enough for me.

Hope all that stuff is useful! and yeah, I'm always interested in new music! upload songs, invite other bands and people, cheers!

Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Omar (a.k.a. xomarx)
Posted: Tuesday August 17, 2010 11:22

Well, a sound definitively influenced by Strung Out, perfect fit for the Fat sound, now, song names and even band names referring to The Simpsons are way overused, from Evergreen Terrace to people using images of Homer's ass with a sad face, but anyway, "Kang or Kodos" is a nice song. In the other hand "Time After Time" is a good cover, but come on, there are too many 80's pop covers by punk bands, it's ok for a live performance, but that punk covers thing is getting pretty old, in my opinion. Cheers and keep up the good work!

PS. Isn't that Ryu from Ninja Gaiden in the background?