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Son Of Dad
Ska / Punk / Reggae

Adelaide, Other

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Son of Dad appeared on the Adelaide music scene in 2005, exhibiting their own unique display of what they interpreted as "third-wave ska"... mincing together incriminating sound grabs from interviews with members of reel big fish, and laying them over stolen dub beats. The band since encountered several lawsuits from Reel Big Fish's label, and decided that creating music more "traditionally" fitting with the ska-reggae-punk label, would be entirely more profitable, legal, and fun.

Since then the boys have established quite a rabid fanbase, often filling to the rafters some of Adelaide's best live venues... with drunks looking for any way out of the cold, people who think there's a Nickelback cover band playing inside... oh, and those who genuinely enjoy Son Of Dad's fun, offbeat and very danceable style of music - which Richard Wilkins once described as "...the musical equivalent of George Lopez"

In 2006, Son of Dad recorded their debut EP, "Just Another Ska Band" with Jay Illman from The Brews, displaying that Son of Dad was anything but that which the title sugests. The EP was met with critical non-disdain, peer acclaim, many happy punters, and local radio stations who were more than plea$ed to give our records a spin.

2009 saw Son of Dad record their second EP, an 8 track split with Adelaide psychobilly band The Hoodoo Voodoo Dolls. The two bands toured Melbourne together and enjoyed such highlights as being offered date-rape drugs by a drunken Russian man wearing a leather jacket and nothing underneath, being individually invited upstairs to slurp straight vodka by the "gig manager" at one of the venues, and Son Of Dad's drummer being offered a 3-some by a lady at the hostel the bands were staying in. If anyone knows the whereabouts of their drummer please drop the band an email as he has now been missing for almost 6 months.

Son Of Dad also toured Kangaroo Island with rock band band Black Knight as part of Carclew's "Off The Couch" tour which was bucketloads of both fun and ferry-induced vomit.

2010 sees the band looking to release a full-length album and continue to solidify themselves as yet another Adelaide band that is more than outstaying their welcome.

The band has recently gotten back in touch with their gangsta roots and have just released a 7-track live EP titled "Straight Outta Brompton" which you can have a free copy of at any live show.

Yes indeed, Son Of Dad are the ska band that simply everyone.

If you would like to contact Son Of Dad, you can do so at:

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