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A Fight With Sledgehammers
Punk / Hardcore

Johnstown/Altoona, Pennsylvania
United States

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• Chuxema – Vocals/Guitar • Booger – Vocals/Guitar • Whitey Sledgehammers – Bass • Danny Mayhem – Drums


A Fight With Sledgehammers was formed in January of 2009 by Chuxema, Danny Mayhem, And Whitey Sledgehammers, as an urge and need for Mayhem to get back into playing fast, in your face, crusty, punk rock. Upon returning to Johnstown, PA from Melbourne/Cocoa, FL, where he had spent the previous 4-5 years, Mayhem had found that the local scene he had left behind was hardly even a shell of itself. The bands and musicians had broken up or moved away, the people that supported the scene were nowhere to be found, the venues were closed, and no one else seemed to cared. So, Mayhem decided to find where the remainder of the scene had resided. Taking him the first year or so, Mayhem had found that there were still a few people that hadn't given up hope that the scene could flourish once again. Enlisting the help and services of long time friend Whitey, they had both set out to form a band that they hoped would be the voice and sound of a new generation.

And then... Enter the hammer! The name came about while Mayhem was browsing the web for obscure horror movies. He came across an Italian horror short from 1902, called "A Fight With Sledgehammers". Thinking that it would be a great band name, Mayhem ran the idea past Whitey. Both in agreement, the name would stick. So with an idea, and a name, it was time to find the rest of the members that would make up AFS. Chuxema was from a neighboring city Altoona, and was looking to form a project along the same lines. Then what started out as an effort to help each other form two bands, quickly turned into the formation of one, due to the lack of musicians, but more importantly the complimenting personalities.

Within the first few months, the three had started out on the fast track. Writing material and hopefully finding the remaining members to fill out the band's roster before an entire albums worth of material was written. Wanting to add a second guitarist and a vocalist was starting to prove a very difficult task. Then after some persuading, being he was already in another project as it's lead guitarist and vocalist, one of Chuxema's long time friends agreed to come on board. And along came Booger...

Booger proved to be a very valuable asset to AFS, helping with the songwriting process, as well as lyrical writing. Also complimenting the personalities of Mayhem and Whitey, he was not only a bandmate, but quickly became a friend and a brother. It was settled. Throwing out the need for a vocalist, this was to be A Fight With Sledgehammers. Chuxema and Booger would take the helm as guitarists and vocalist, while Mayhem and Whitey would hold down the rhythm section. Mayhem on drums, and Whitey on bass.

With a full roster, and a new vigor, AFS set out with an aggressive, at times intimidating, brand of old school, euro-style hardcore punk rock. And it quickly earned them the title of "The New Old School". And with an unwavering and absolute resolve, they hope to be able to bring back the spirit, the idea, and the attitude that made everyone choose this way of life. Not only to their scene, but to everyone who had forgotten what being a "punk" is all about.

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