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Hasta la Vista Social Club
Punk / Rock / Psychobilly / Country

Kiuruvesi, Other

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Social Distortion, The Bones, Mike Ness, Sixgun Republic, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, The Accidents, Johnny Cash, Rancid, Bonkers, Banane Metalik, Wasted, IWTL...... Drinking, hangover days & sweatty nights with demons & lizards. Working in shitjob every fucking day, Friends & Family, Kids & Life.
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The story of Hasta la Vista Social Club started in Knifecity, Finland at winter 2003 by four psycho/punkrockers who wanted to do some melodic punkrock music, which would be fun to play. They made their first demo 100% Punkrock in 2004 and even though they didn..t spread it around so much, it gained positive feedback from few zines and among the Finnish punk&psycho scene. They played some good gigs and also agreed to do their debut album with Finnish DIY label Drop-Out Family. The debut album titled About 34 Minutes Before Devastation was released by Drop-Out Family in beginning of 2005. It included 10 melodic melodic punkrock tracks about this shit life itself.

About 34 Minutes Before Devastation got very good reviews in punkrock-based zines and more positive attention from ordinary people from the streets. HLVSC played more very good gigs gathering more and more people in their shows. In summer 2005 they played also in two big festivals, Ilosaarirock and Puntalarock. Also more psycho-rockabilly people could be seen at their shows and word and hope among the people spread around that HLVSC would be the band which finally could "unite" finnish punx&psychos. They continued humble, like always, playing their shows to people and drinking after the shows with them. Their song "Punkrockshock" was in Finnish Punkrock compilation You Gotta Start Somewhere released by Pekka Productions in summer 2005 and 5 songs from their debut album was included in Grubworks Media Productions (U.S.A) The Northwest Dirt Culture DVD with Evilsons, Skin Flick, The Insurgence, The Swinos and UV Rays. At December 2005 they played in Russia and the gig was success. The journey to Russia opened many doors for them and demand for gigs to Russia has been active since.At 2006 they released their 2nd album : "Inhale the Evil" and did lots of gigs at Finland and Russia.In this year,2009 HLVSC did Europe tour all the way to Germany and released their third one "Lake Lark White Trash", getting very good reviews from everywhere.The album was released in USA by Motherbox records,In Russia by Angry Sound System and in Finland by Zombie Noise.The story goes on....

Taken from Ilosaarirock 2005 website:

"Among this year's Ilosaarirock's line-up, this band belongs to the less elderly: they released their critically acclaimed debut album About 34 Minutes Before Devastation only in March 2005. Lack of experience, though, hasn't kept HLVSC from being one of the most exciting and promising newcomers in today's Finnish punk scene. Their first demo 100 % Punkrock gained positive attention from all of those lucky few who managed to hear it, and the feedback from the new album has been almost alarmingly good. Hasta la Vista Social Club seasons their punk rock in Slavonic melancholy, but still remains essentially a rock band at heart. Catchy guitar melodies and clockwork-like handling of instruments invite your body to join in the music before you know it, and soon you find yourself in the pit, howling along to the chorus."

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Touchdown Mary
Touchdown Mary
Posted: Friday December 18, 2009 06:17

He played with Billy Fly and the Knife Fighters, but that band split up before they had a chance to record anything. I think they played their last show in 2006, so it's been a while.

We'll be looking forward to coming out to one of your shows if you end up touring the United States.

Touchdown Mary
Touchdown Mary
Posted: Thursday December 17, 2009 11:24

Thanks for being our friend. I'm listening to your music right now and I'm enjoying it a lot. We don't play psychobilly, but our drummer used to play in a psychobilly group, so we a ll l ike this kind of music.

We hope you'll listen to our music and let us know what you think of it.