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+ Mardhin"ALEN"Hamka : Vocal/Bass + Rendy"DEREK"Victoria : Vocal/Guitar + Aris"ROCK"Sutisna : Vocal/Drum
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02 RockMini - Kill The Loneliness125
03 RockMini - Sweet Memory92
04 RockMini - Black Shadow84
RockmiNi - We Just Need One Minute To Stole Ur G63

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ROCKMINI are a indonesian Eazy Core Band from Depok,west java - indonesia,who formed in 2003.they played style of music that fused hardcore and punk,known as punk rock on thier first ep album - but they have taken on a more hardcore style with their latest album. ========================================


The Story Of Rockmini ROCKMINI is a punk band out based of Depok city,Indonesia...Rizky "NCEX"(guitar,vocal) Derek( guitar,vocal) Alen (bass) and Bima (drum) Started the band in 2002 in they high school "YAPEMRI" and picked up Radja on guitar ,ROCKMINI realesed a E.P album live on D.I.Y record in 2003 titled "ROCKMINI E.P" after Bima was longer in the band because he have metal soul not a punk soul, ROCKMINI picked up Andi to play drum on their frist demo on VANESSA music studio, but Andi didn't last long because he must go to MESIR for study in university, but ROCKMINI still exist in Depok and change position Derek (guitar,vocal)Radja (guitar,vocal) Alen (bass) and Rizky (drum,vocal)In 2005 Radja and Rizky was no longer in the band because they have a new band, but ROCKMINI found Galih to play guitar and Aris to play drum in 2006 ROCKMINI picked up aditional player Mario on vocal, ROCKMINI demo on CALLISTA music studio have 2 songs "KILL THE LONELYNESS" and "WAITING" but Mario didn't last long because he never know how to sing, the line-up now Derek(guitar) Galih (guitar) Alen (bass) and Aris (drum),but galih was no longer because he's want to focus with he new band and the line up now RENDY(guitar/vocal),ALEN (bass/vocal),and ARIS (DRUM/vocal) stayed together to put out ROCKMINI newest and greatest E.P "We’re Fucking Werewolf " ========================================


- Maximum Rock Overdrive/Compilation [2006] - Part Of The Heart/Compilation [2007] - Fantastic 4/4way spilt [2007] - Beat Of Sound/Compilation [2008] - Superockreturn Ep [2008] - Party Like 80's [2009] ========================================

Current Members - Mardhin"ALEN"Hamka - Vocal/bass [2003-present] - Rendy"DEREK"Victoria - Vocal/Guitar [2003-present] - Aris Sutisna - Vocal/Drum [2006-present]

Former Members - Risky"Ncheck"Riady - Guitar/Drum/Vocal [2003-2006] - Prima"RAJA"Ganda - Guitar [2003-2006] - Bima"MORRON"Satria - Drum [2003-2005] - Andy Purnamacandra - Drum [2005-2006] - Jauhari"GALIH"Sagalih - Guitar [2006-2008] - Mario"BULE" - Vocal [2006-2008] ========================================

Other Projects

- Rendy And His Brother,Chandra formed a Chipcore band named Last Words Before I Die - Rendy also had an electronic instrumental side project called Screaming With Ice Cream - Rendy have a solo Pop band called Victoria - Rendy Owns Diamonds Clothing And Employs his Friends To Help run And Manage it With Him - Aris and his friends have a pop side project called Intan n D'Aura ========================================

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Free Download our DEMO "SuperockreturN" 2007

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