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Punk / Rock / Hardcore / Metal

Denver, Colorado
United States

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ANGRY SAMOANS, SIMPLETONES, DEAD MILKMEN, PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS, DETOX (THE OLD SCHOOL BAND) ADOLESCENTS, (BEND OVER BEND OVER) DOGGY STYLE, THE LEFT, S.O.D. , SPERMBIRDS , DAYGLO ABORTIONS , PUBLIC HUMILIATION , FEAR , THE DILS , THE PLUGZ , CIRCLE JERKS, THE GEARS, RAMONES, new york dolls, DEVO, HEPCAT, THE FEEDERZ , CRUCIFUCKS , G.B.H. , GANG GREEN , VOM , THE GERMS , FLOWER LEPERDS , THE SPECIALS, BAD MANNERS, THE DISTRAUGHT, THE PHUZZ , SOCIAL D, DR KNOW , ILL REPUTE , D.K. ,THE DICKIES , THE CLASH, D.O.A. , RHYTHM COLLISION , 999 , , gorilla biscuits ,dr demento , J.F.A. , WHITE FLAG , MAD PARADE , KENT STATE , IGGY POP, L.A.s WASTED YOUTH , the skulls , blondie , CH 3 ,RIK L RIK ,REAGAN YOUTH , APPLECORE , M.O.D. , D.R.I. , BATTALION OF SAINTS ,THE EYES , TAZERS , social unrest, THE STUPIDS , STIKKY , SHATTERED FAITH , SUBHUMANS(u.k.) , SUBUMANS (CANADA) , X-RAY SPECS , WIERDOS , TOY DOLLS , SYMBOL SIX , SURF PUNKS , BUZZCOCKS , christ on parade, GOVERMENT ISSUE , RED CROSS , 45 GRAVE , SHAM 69 , THE STUPIDS , DESCENDENTS , BLACK FLAG , BAD RELIGION , OLD METALLICA , WELL HUNG MONKS , rancid , SEWER TROUT , AGGRESSION , ADRENALIN O.D. , KRAUT , MOJO NIXON (if he's not on your list than your list can use some fixin) OPERATION IVY , MADNESS , 7 SECONDS , AGENT ORANGE , NOFX , MURPHYS LAW , ANGELIC UPSTARTS , SEX PISTOLS , NENA HAGEN , BOW WOW WOW , BERLIN , MISSING PERSONS , MISFITS , BAD BRAINS , THE CRAMPS , SOCIAL SPIT , klark kent , ian dury , the lewd , PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES , R.K.L. , X , REV HORTON HEAT, THE DAMNED , VANDALS , VOODOO GLOW SKULLS , GUTTERMOUTH , ORIGINAL T.S.O.L. , and the first joe wood t.s.o.l. album , stray cats , D.I. , SYMARIP , BUDDY HOLLY, CHUCK BERRY, LENE LOVICH , blondie , willie nelson , freddy fender , BEACH BOYS , too short , RUN D.M.C., applecore, SKA , RAPP, OLD COUNTRY, BLUES , SURF, ROCK N ROLL BITCH !!!! , ROLLING STONES, david bowie, the animals , steve miller band , steely dan , SLOPPY TITTY FREAKS , GLASS HEROES ,RUTS,CHELSEA,EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS,CHAOTIC DISCHORD,THE STRANGLERS,ANTI PASTI,BLITZ,THE BOYS, kill deville , on tap , 69 cents , s.c.m.t. , fuckers , fyi , vicious porkskins , the pogues , PEACHES , all , decry , van halen (w/david lee roth) , stanley clarke , billy cobham , the hank williams family , daniel johnston , old iron maiden , black sabbath, barnes and barnes , leonard cohen , peggy lee , george carlin , sam kinison , james brown , doug-e fresh, grand master flash , frank zappa , KRS-0NE , generation -x , NIN , TOM PETTY, twisted sister, YOUR MOM!
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Blow Out City324
One Of These Days (From the movie SLC PUNK!)379
Whiskey Tooth254

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The O’Meara Brothers, Evan (Screams) and Paige (six string) have finally resurrected Denver punk favorites, THE EIGHT BUCKS EXPERIMENT. This time around the Brothers O’Meara has added some extra firepower behind them compliments of The Bobs, Bullet Bob Temme (skins) and Bobby Sears (four string). Both are founding members of So. Cal Punk Outfits 69 Cents, F.Y.I. and On-Tap. With the addition of The Bobs the latest line up of 8 Bux is definitely the most explosive and lethal in their 14 year existence . Throughout the years, the 8 Bux line up may have changed, but their DIY ethics and “Fuck off and Die!” attitude has not. THE EIGHT BUCKS EXPERIMENT started in 1995 and since then, have toured the country many times hitting the road and sharing stages with the likes of ZEKE, The Dwarves, D.R.I., The Offspring, Strung Out and The Transplants to name a few. 8 Bux was asked to perform and act as the English Punk Band E.C.P.(Extreme Corporal Punishment) in the Mathew Lillard cult classic movie "SLC PUNK". The new 8 Bucks is tighter, faster and louder than ever before ready to deliver their unique blend of hardcore, punk and rock known as The Eight Bucks Experiment.

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Common Enemy
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Posted: Thursday July 09, 2009 12:06

Checkout our new Sexy website and while there pickup
a copy of our new CD "Devil Wears a Bra"
thanks !

The Divebombers
The Divebombers
Posted: Thursday May 28, 2009 10:36

Thanks for adding THE DIVEBOMBERS


Just Effin' Eric
Just Effin
Posted: Sunday May 03, 2009 02:11

cheers for the add!!

Common Enemy
Common Enemy
Posted: Tuesday March 24, 2009 06:29

Check out the new song "Just Another Enemy"
If you want to hear more click on the banner above to go to our myspace page!