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Paul Bryan
Paul Bryan


UnKnOwN, 79 years old
Newport Beach
United States

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Very interesting facts about Paul:

July 22, 1944, Born Paul G. Bryan at 5:19 a.m.

July 04, 1955, Toured Disneyland with Walt Disney himself.

Spring 1963, Demolished Posrche Carrera at 140 MPH.

Winter 1964, Saved a girl on a runaway horse, Apple Valley, California.

August 1965, Dated Playboy Bunny, Hollywood, California.

Spring 1969, Joined cave dwelling gypsies, Granada, Spain.

Fall 1969, Sailed through the Bermuda Triangle, Caribbean Sea.

Spring 1971, Determined to become the greatest artist that ever lived.

Fall 1971, Firt one-man show, Maui, Hawaii.

Spring 1972, Bullfight, Canary Islands, Africa.

Spring 1973, Artwork Exhibited at the museum of Art, Laguna Beach, California.

Spring 1978, Sang lead vocals with punk rock band.

Summer 1978, Bob Dylan accepts portrait at the Onion Dome, Malibu, California.

Summer 1982, Artwork exhibited at Vancouver, B.C., and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Summer 1982, Peter Fonda accepts painting or American Chopper from Easy Rider.

Summer 1983 Wrote autobiography.

Summer 1984 Skateboarded down Nob Hill, San Francisco, California.

Summer 1987, Gave two huge color portraits to Madonna, Burbank, California.

Summer 1991, son Bill Bryan wins the Skimboarding World Championship.

Spring 1998, Richard Nixon Library and birthplace accepts my painting.

Spring 2000, Begins to gallery artwork in Pier Records, Newport Beach, California.

Spring 2000, White House accepts portrait of Bill Clinton.

Fall 2003, White House accepts portrait of George W. Bush and his father.

Spring 2004, Office of the Governor accepts portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Spring 2005, Dwight D. Eisenhower Library adds protrait to their collection.

Summer 2005, The Vatican accepts portrait of Pope Benedict XVl.

"In 35 years as an artist, Paul Bryan claims to have done nearly 15,000 paintings – 517 and counting since St. Patrick's Day alone – which he's sold and given away as gifts.

Over the years, Bryan has sent paintings to musicians, celebrities and politicians.

Bryan said his hyper-realistic art was inspired by the simplicity of Oriental art paired with his love of Western pop-culture. His gallery ranges from paintings of celebrities in their youth to playing cards, but most are two-tone portraits, all punctuated by his signature red dot.

"I think this kind of art appeals to a whole lot of people, more so than a picture of a ship or something," said Pete Nichols, 66, who was visiting from Camarillo and left with a painting of Jimi Hendrix.

Bryan refers to the dot as a rounded square and said he loves to incorporate it into the paintings in different ways, for example as the lit end of a cigarette. He said he didn't want to use his initials on the art because he wanted his paintings to speak the same language and the dot is universal."

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