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Misfits, Ramones, Horrorpops, Creepshow
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Darkness, murder, and death emanate from this bands sound not unlike a rampaging creature of unholy proportions. Salivating for fresh souls to consume in a melodic massacre. Rising from Sweden these Horror Punks plan to invade Europe with the first release in a trilogy called “Psychosexual”.

“Psychosexual has been the working title for the albums for years. I love the phrase psycho and sexual in the same word. I think it describes The Spookshow”. sagt Mike Dungeon in a recent interview with Crypt of Blood. Mike and his brother, Knife Dungeon, have been keeping the undead that is their music on chains long enough. Co-writing the entire trilogy together they felt it was time to dig up Miss Behave and Carol Ann to fill the empty coffins, errr, places in the band. Now that the pack is full, their urge has turned to infecting the world and letting it feed on the music they create.

The combination of catchy punk riffs, evil lyrics like “I can kill you in a heart beat my dear. I can chop you up in pieces, I swear”, and the eerily sexy voice of Miss Behave, it is hard not to find yourself swinging a machete in time with the beat. Not caring where it finds its mark, just enjoying the ghoulish sounds.

If shiny blades arouse you, trickles of blood bring a smile to your face, and thinking about murder keeps you going each day then your dreams are about to come true. Look for the release of the first Chapter of the “Psychosexual Trilogy” on Wolverine Records this Halloween season. Recorded with Jonas Kjellgren, Mike Dungeon made sure it was still dirty and raw. “I hate when it sounds too good. I hate perfect when it’s punk.”

Everybody who likes 1-2-3-4-Horrorpunk in the tradition of the Misfits with a lot of Ooohs and Ahhhs or loves the Horrorpops, has to get this baby for his Collection!

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